An ongoing series of abstract paintings exploring how graffiti interacts with factors in the public space.

Instructional Paintings

These paintings are based on the language of street markings. The textures, mark making and modifications which occur when they…


Observations of altered street signs.

Additional Signage

Introducing additional signage to the already sign laden streets. 2011 – Present. – An on-going series

Glitched Messaging

A series of street based pieces exploring accidental glitches on physical signage.

Acid Remixes

Remixing the symbolic Acid House smiley face in a series of street based and edition works.  

Free to a good home

Casually taking the blame away from fly-tippers whilst highlighting the trend of ‘friendly’ fly-tipping where abandoned items are offered for free.

Does offering the item for free remove the blame?.

– An on-going series.

Morris Burger Margate

Morris Burger Margate is an observation on a small time fast food business. Installed in a small retail unit just…

Circle Amusements

Full sized arcade booth installation in an empty shop, Folkestone town centre. Folkestone is a seaside town without any traditional…